Tutorial for dummies: how to write a solid academic essay

I have been teaching English for 22 years now and now that I’ve been writing and grading essays for all this time I can tell you honestly, and from my heart, that the essays that stayed with me forever that my students wrote were ones in which the writer just talked. Like this one student in my freshmen English course. He wrote an essay - a compare and contrast one - on his conceptions of what laying laminate flooring would be like both before and after the experience. And the experience was a horrible conquest with many trials and tribulations.

So all I am saying is – do not be afraid to just talk to your reader. All English classes – especially freshmen English classes, are a good time to learn how to simply talk to your reader. To throw some of your insights about life and experience into the paper. It ‘s also a good place to experiment and find your writing voice.

Step-By-Step For Starters

First, if research is required, do stellar research and gather MORE not less articles than you actually need. Any topic you choose, there are going to be holes in your knowledge bank that you need to fill with quickly read articles or Ebooks. And if it is a research paper the best way you can prepare for it is to take two hours or more, and highlight every quote—quotes only ( you can mark paragraphs with a line beside them that you want to paraphrase) and then you can quickly find them later. If you want to be a true research whiz, you will write in big bright letters your quick citation info that you’ll need in your works cited and your introduction.

While you are choosing your quotes, write beside them where they go in the essay. I use words like “intro, early body, mid body, and late to signal to myself where these will go in my quote outline which I will describe in a moment.

Make a Quote-Outline Now, the best say I know to write a stellar essay takes a little time but it works. Look through your quotes and begin typing them word for word onto the paper. Organize them to where they actually sound like a real research paper. After this, the real magic happens, as you can literally SEE what you need to say to create the “glue” that holds all this wonderful research together.

Write a creative intro chiefly in your own words. Really good writers can use short quotes either to launch the essay or somewhere in the first paragraph. Another thing you can do is work the quote into a two paragraph intro if you need to. But I recommend writing an essay in your own words, unless you find the absolute perfect quote.

Write the glue that holds it together As you look at your quote creation- try to see that transitions you will need to hold this research together. What kind of writing can you use to get from quote to quote. As you start getting more confident in the essay, eliminate those quotes that are “over kill” and not really necessary. You’ll know what these are by this point in the research.

I say this because you do not want the quotes to carry the entire weight of your essay. You want your words to guide the paper and be prominent throughout. Better visit writemypaper123.com and understand how it's easy to handle this problem.

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