10 Rules For Composing An Introduction For An Essay About Yourself

If you are not an open person, it’s not easy for you to talk about yourself and your feelings. To get over this issue, you can start by writing an essay and present it to your colleagues. If you do this you will not only get the appreciation of your professor, but you will also learn how to communicate better with other people. Here are the 10 rules that you need to follow when you compose the introduction:

  1. Choose a great title. Since the composition is about yourself, the title needs to be related to your person. You can name it “The life of ... “ or “ The hidden part of...”. For sure this will make your colleagues interested.
  2. Start with something exciting. You need to write with happiness, because it will motivate others to read your text. Do not try to use complicated words that no one can understand, because this will make the introduction dull and boring.
  3. Keep it friendly. Imagine you are talking about yourself with your friends. Would you use formal language? Of course not. Well, in this text you will have to use friendly expressions from the very beginning.
  4. Don’t get into too much detail. Your colleagues already know you, so you don’t have to mention your name, date of birth and address in the introduction.
  5. Keep it short. You can write one or two paragraphs, but more than this can be confusing even for the most interested reader. Try to use simple expressions that mean a lot of things at the same time.
  6. Be mysterious. The main ideas of the composition should never be revealed in the first lines.
  7. Write the goal of the composition. Do you want to help your colleagues understand you better? Do you want to share a moment from your life that you did not share until now?
  8. Mention that you are honest. To make them even more interested in your composition, write in the beginning that you are completely honest in this text. You did not hide anything and for sure you did not lie.
  9. Reveal a small secret. Of course, you will not talk about personal and sensitive things, but it’s not a bad idea to talk about something that you kept personal before.
  10. Talk with the readers directly in the introduction. This will help you create a connection with them from the start.

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