Why Does Mythology Exist?

The concept of myths has existed in all parts of the world since the very day that the earth was created. The idea of a myth existing and prevailing over centuries often springs from various superstitious beliefs that take up a more tangible form. In order to understand why myths still exist in a relatively rational 21st century, it is important to deconstruct their definition and the reasons why they are believed in.

What Is A Myth?

If we date it back to history then it can easily be said that a myth rooted from an ancient belief that was established by ancestral traditions and legends. These traditions were not chosen at random but had a more symbolic connotation. They believed that if something was called a myth then it had to be deconstructed, and whatever they understood after that deconstruction was rooted in the truth and had to be believed in and thus avoided or pursued. They were also events and beliefs that were often adhered to when some sort of a universal truth needed to be defined. This truth was greatly linked with supernatural beliefs. For this deep-rootedness, myths have existed and survived through centuries.

Why Do Myths Exist?

There are many reasons why myths still exist; some of them are as follows:

  1. They allow the people to tap into the unknown realms of the world. With the concept of a myth itself, people are given the area or the room to be able to explore ideologies that otherwise seems too irrational or illogical to be pinned down. Through time and culture their beliefs evolve but they never lose the actuality from where they began.
  2. Through myths people are able to give living life a very eerie and supernatural experience. It cannot be said that myths are a belief system through which people life, however, they are a set of beliefs that people might experience over time.
  3. They are a clever and a very interesting way in which humans are able to explore and to a certain extent explain the layers of their psyche and the many unexplainable things they experience.
  4. Some people believe that myths are important to promote a sense of ethical value amongst a community by warning them of the happenings of the past.

There are various, interesting, supernatural and somewhat disturbing reasons why myths still exist in the 21st century.

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