Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the process by which machines (especially computer systems) simulates human processes. Some of the human processes that computers simulate include reasoning, learning and self-correction. These processes are made possible by installing vision capabilities, speech recognition capabilities and expert systems into the machines. Artificial intelligence enables machines perform better or equal to human beings in terms of speed, accuracy and capacity. One main usage of artificial intelligence is video games, whereby one computer acts as an opponent player in a game.

Artificial intelligence efforts began a long time ago. The efforts to create machines that would incorporate human intelligence were necessary to help humans in solving problems that were risky, needed speed and of high capacity. Many pieces of research were undertaken to develop artificial intelligence. Most of the researchers were independent and never related to one another. Artificial intelligence gives machines the power to think and judge, make decisions and self-correct just like the humans. Most of the machines that have artificial intelligence still require a portion of human interventions to perform activities efficiently and effectively.

Applications of artificial intelligence

Video gaming is one of the sectors that broadly makes use of artificial intelligence. Game developers incorporate artificial intelligence in computers’ based games so that the computer can behave as opponent player. The artificial intelligence enables game developers design games in a way that the computer can judge and respond following the human player’s movements and choice during the game. Due to the development of technology, game developers develop games in a way that multiple opponents in the video games can work as one unit to counteract the human player. The artificial intelligence has made games easier to play, more exciting and more fun.

The artificial intelligence is also widely used by in journalism. Artificial intelligence is capable of producing articles that are similar or better than those composed and written by humans. In the recent days, it is possible that most of the articles that are read daily are products of artificial intelligence. The most likely articles that are products of artificial intelligence are business articles and reports. Information is fed into the systems and through artificial intelligence the end products are well-organised business articles and reports.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

In the past decades, artificial intelligence was dream but now it is here with us. The incorporation of artificial intelligence in the world and more especially in the job market poses a great threat to the workers in different sectors of the economy. The development of artificial intelligence, therefore, may lead to the loss of many jobs among the world’s working population.

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