Banned Books That Shaped America

Books are among the world’s largest repository of information and knowledge. Banned books are those type of books in which free access is not allowed. Based on a number of lists that have been compiled for this category of books one can argue that the list is not a register of the best books in America but a lot of them can be a perfect fit for that category a well. Most of these books have greatly influenced the lives of Americans and also shaped the Americans view the world and how the worlds view America. In America, the act of banning books is seen as a form of censorship from the religious, moral, political or commercial motives.

How banned books help address issues of race

A number of books have been banned as a result of explicitly addressing racial themes and also had an insight into racial tensions during their depicted time periods. Three classic books namely “To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee”, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “Invisible man” are some of the examples. These books have been banned and challenged on a number of times throughout the decades. All the three books addresses race related questions, questions that Americans today still grapple with in the increasingly diverse world today. The “Invisible Man” provides a number of chances for one to explore issues related to identity. For example “how a person feels when the society doesn’t accept who we are?” To Kill a Mockingbird has a lot of questions that are based on justice like “how do prejudice and biases undermine equal rights?” and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is typically a good book when one discusses how action is needed in the case of injustice. The three books perfectly give an accurate portrayal of racism in the country during the historical times that today can still be useful to the society.

Child pornography in banned books

In America, child pornography in books is not allowed which brings out one reason as to why most children and young adult books have been banned and challenged. Most of the books that are used in schools need to have a theme that doesn’t have a long-term affect on that particular group of students. In United States, federal obscenity law came up after attempts by different states to try and protect children from obscene imaginations. These laws have really helped the citizens and the government from having a lot of sexual and violent content around the country. This is because anybody in the art and entertainment can be prosecuted based on the information they give to the public.

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