Beginning A Reflective Essay: 7 Helpful Tips

Reflective essay is a puissant way to convey personal experiences as well as growth and not to mention, the impact these have on you. These essays, since do not narrate, describe, argue or explain about given or banal topics, holds greater importance and significance. Reflective essays tell about you, something which is not only personal but also extremely privy. The beginning of this sort of an essay ought to be a narrative per se. You need to captivate the readers from the very inception. If it is not, right from the beginning then there always remains a possibility that you might fail miserably in capturing their attention later. Although the idea is quite commercial yet psychologically relevant in today's world. You may take cue from the below given tips:

Comprehend the requirements-before you begin with your essay, peruse the essay prompt. Check with your supervisor regarding the length.

  • Determine a favourable topic- our lives are no less than movies. When you decide on talking about a life-event make sure it is not only significant to you but also fresh and unique. So quit feeling awkward about that one event, it may overwhelm others.
  • Rivet readers to first sentence- these sentences are sometimes called 'leads' or 'hooks'. Try for something exciting or soul-stirring.
  • Use contextual information- begin with an event abruptly and address it with the five "w"s- who, what, where, when and why. This strategy is not only informative but also interesting.
  • Maintain an event log- in this you are to record your experiences without any judgement on them or usage of emotional verses, later refer to these and present how you got inspired and the impact these events had on your life.
  • Never ignore an outline- this is crucial for every type of essay. The framework remains more or less similar to other types. Introduction followed by two or three paragraphs for subject matter, which detail your experiences. And completing it with a conclusion.
  • Have fun while you write- nothing falls into place if you are not having fun. So enjoy while you write as the events or situations you share are familiar to you, you can elaborate on them effortlessly.

A reflective essay is something that is very close to one's heart. One should not mistake it for a statement of purpose or a personal profile. In this type you are to capture your life experiences in words and in a lucid language but in a stimulating fashion.

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