Consumers Behavior

This is the study to understand how consumers behave and feel about certain products. Consumer behavior is used by many business people and companies to make decisions on how to promote sales and capture customers. It is therefore very essential for an entity to perform proper research on the behavior of consumers. Best understanding will help them to put in place best-selling and business strategies. The main issues that they should look into include the selection behavior of consumers between the available alternatives. The environment will influence selection that the consumer lives in. The environment will be determined by gender, family, media and culture. A firm will also need to understand how consumers make decisions on when shopping. The knowledge available to the consumers will also be an important factor influencing their decisions. It is also important to monitor how consumers are influenced to make decisions depending on consumer motivations, strategies and marketing campaigns. There are major factors that will affect the consumer behavior.

Cultural factors

Before making the marketing strategies, it is important to understand the culture of your target group. Naturally consumer’s decisions will be determined by the cultural factors. Cultural factors revolve around family, friends, and beliefs. It is therefore important to understand the factors that may influence your customers. This way you will address them accordingly in your marketing strategies. When looking at the cultural factors, you need to understand the different sub-cultures present. Most of the time, they will share common cultural values. At times, different sub-cultures may have different behaviors. Also, the issue of class will be important when trying to understand the behavior of depending on cultural factors. Classes make people homogenous and rank differently. You should appreciate this when making a marketing strategy.

Personal factors

Different consumers will have different buying decisions based on their characteristics. The personal character will influence taste and preference. Personal factors may also be controlled by age. People at different age groups will have different spending and buying decisions. It is important to understand this as a consumer behavior. The purchasing power of different individuals will also impact on their buying and purchasing options. In addition, the revenue will have an influence on the lifestyle.

Psychological factors

The main factor that leads to purchasing is need. However, there may be different alternatives for the same needs. A different driving force will therefore lead a particular consumer to buy a certain product for a certain need. This will depend on perception on the level of satisfaction, price, promotion or even packaging.

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