How To Write An Essay: Tried And Tested Techniques For Rookies

Essays are small academic papers that can be written in different styles and on different topics. However, the basic structure and preparation methods are similar to any type of essay. If you’ve never completed such assignments previously, you should learn some basic rules and techniques. You may read about them in this article.

  1. Find a good topic.
  2. This is needed only if your teacher didn’t give you a topic in advance. You should pick something that won’t exceed the limits of your assignment. Choosing a topic, you should keep in mind that this should be something interesting both to write and to read about.

  3. Research your topic.
  4. This step is needed to find strong arguments in order to support the main idea of your essay or just gather enough information to educate your readers if you don’t need to persuade people in anything through your writing. Consult your teacher to find good sources for your investigation or go to this service and get professional assistance.

  5. Come up with a thesis.
  6. Your thesis statement should indicate the main problem and the main purpose of your work. Every argument or fact given in the body of your essay should be relevant to your thesis.

  7. Make an outline.
  8. Outlining will help you make your paper solid and meaningful. Without an outline, the structure of your text can be shaky. Here are the parts that you should divide your paper into:

    • Introduction.
    • Start your essay with an interesting hook to draw the attention of the reader to your topic. Introduce your topic and write briefly about it. Place your thesis statement at the end of the paragraph.

    • Body.
    • Here, you should raise your arguments, make comparisons, draw analogies, or just educate your readers. Each body paragraph should describe a separate point or fact.

    • Conclusion.
    • Restate your thesis and main points to summarize everything that you wanted to say in your paper. State the importance of your work.

  9. Write your essay.
  10. Compose the first draft basing on your outline. Use proper techniques when writing different types of essays. For example, literary papers imply using present tense when describing the events from books.

  11. Revise your draft.
  12. Proofreading and editing are very important steps. You’re likely to make many little mistakes in the writing process. Often, you can notice them only by thoroughly examining your text. It’s even advisable to give your draft to someone else for proofreading in order to reduce the risk of unnoticed errors.

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