Gun Control

Gun control is one the most important issues that the country is facing today. One can cite numerous incidents which have made us to rethink whether the existing laws in place are enough to curb incidents like these in the future. Apart from the loss of several innocent and good lives, it leaves the victims' families in an inconsolable state. The voice for better gun control os growing stronger day by day as the politicians and lawmakers debates and give their opinions after every time an incident occurs but nothing has changed in the ground level. As in the two sides of a coin, there are two sides of arguments whether or not tightening the gun control laws will prevent any such incidents in the future.

Supporters need for better gun control

Citizens who support for better gun control laws argue that making the ownership of gun control stricter will reduce the number of such incidents in the future. As in most of the cases, the person who uses guns in such situations are normal people who lose their control at the time due to rage, anger or emotional breakdown. They argue that the present legal framework has allowed the hands of teens and toddlers to hold guns when they were supposed to hold toys.

Opposers say it will not solve the problem

On the other hand, there is a percentage of population who believes that making the gun control laws will never make any major difference as the gun is as dangerous as the person who holds and uses it. They argue that modifying the existing laws so that normal people cannot acquire guns easily will only help the criminals to get an upper hand and people will acquire guns easily by illegal means. We cannot completely ignore their views as that too holds a valid argument.

The best solution to the problem could be in two step process which can be implemented parallely. There should be a commission in place to analyze and propose a framework which can help in issuing and monitoring the issued persons. They can decide whom to the gun to be issued, on what grounds, their background and check them on a regular basis. The next step would be creating awareness on gun control and making people more responsible. Educating the people on the outcome of using guns and the aftermath effects caused to the victims and families could reduce any such incidents. By having these two steps placed, finally it's in the hands of the citizens too to realize that any change would require change from their end too and acting wisely.

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