Schizophrenia And Socialization

Before the two mentioned terms can be understood collectively, it is important to understand their significance as two independent ideologies.


Schizophrenia is a term that defines a very painful and extensive mental illness. This is a state of mind when the suffering individual cannot tell apart the following from one another:

  1. Feelings
  2. Appropriate actions
  3. Emotion
  4. Behavior
  5. Thought
  6. Reality
  7. Fantasy

In a nutshell, it is a state of mind in which the thought process in itself is so fragmented that it makes the suffering individual question their reality from fantasy.


Socialization is the process through which people – as individuals and as groups mingle and interact with one another for survival within a community. This involves interacting with people older, younger and the same age as oneself.

Socialization and Schizophrenia

In a nutshell, people who suffer from schizophrenia have trouble “normally” interacting with everyone around them. This lack of a social communication is the direct cause of social anxiety. The relation between the two terms can be simply understood as the following – if someone is suffering from schizophrenia then the chances of them being comfortable while mixing with people are very low to none. They suffer and find it a major problem to interact with people that may otherwise be considered normal.

There are many ways through which individuals can overcome their fear of social interaction through social practices. These activities help people establish the desired social skills.

There are many symptoms of schizophrenia, not all of them are bad. Some have negative influences on the person suffering whereas some have certain positive impacts too.


These symptoms include various aspects such as not taking any positive interest in various activities going on a society. Some people also suffer through a term called a “flat emotional impact.” Certain suffered tend to become completely ignorant towards the relationships that should matter and above all some people completely shun all social and individual responsibilities. All of this combined results in low to zero motivation in the people suffering from schizophrenia. These are the individuals who should be interacting, deciding and making positive memories.


Some symptoms that are relatively considered positive include hallucinating and being delusional. These symptoms are what majorly jar the persons overall ability to interact with individuals.

Hence, if you have a family member or a loved one who is suffering from schizophrenia, it is important to understand how their problems have to be dealt with to allow them a social experience that is as normal as can be in their circumstance.

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