Key Points To Discuss In An Essay On The Purpose Of Government

Are you trying to write an essay about the purpose of government, but have no idea what the most important points to include are? To get the top grade certain things must be mentioned so that a complete picture of government is portrayed. Failure to mention any of the top points will cause your piece of work to be downgraded, regardless of how well you have completed the other sections. With that thought in mind, here are some of the top points to include when writing an essay on the purpose of government:

History Of Government

To start the piece you could do a section on the history of government, and why they were formed in the first place. This is a good starting point that you can build upon in further sections. The majority of governments are setup in a way that is similar to most, however there are differences in different parts of the world. When talking about the history you could mention what differences there were across the world, and why those differences still remain.

Types Of Governments

There are different types of governments that you can write about so that the reader understands how they differ. Some of the different types of government you could write about are fascism, democracy, anarchy, aristocracy, logocracy, geniocracy and ethnocracy.

You can contrast and compare the different governments so that the pros and cons of each one are evident. You have to understand that the key characteristics of each one, so that you can begin to understand their purpose.

Without A Government

One way to understand the purpose would be to write a section in your essay on what it would be like if there were no government. By stating the problems that would arise you can show what problems governments actually solve.

By doing it this way you add a different dimension to your project that other students might not have thought off. This will give you some points for creativity, and possibly increase the level of your grade.

These are just some of the ways that you can show off the purposes of governments in your projects. If you do your research well you’ll realize there are a number of ways you can do that.

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