Looking For An Outstanding Sample One-Page Essay

A one-page essay is simply a mini essay shorter in length than the average academic assignments you complete in school. The purpose of this paper stays the same as any other essay, which is to educate and inform your readers about a certain subject or topic area that needs attention. You may be able to complete an average essay on any subject with a little effort however, to be able to create a winning assignment that will leave a long lasting impression on the minds of your readers, you should make sure you have a passion for the topic and work hard enough.

For some students, it will not even feel like working when they write about their passions. This is the best thing when you choose to write about something you genuinely pursue. In order to come up with a great paper, you should know the basic format and structure you need follow for this assignment. The basic structure for all essays remains the same regardless of their length and type. Even if you have to create a one-page essay, you will split the paper up in three sections. The first section is introduction where you present the topic to your readers in an engaging manner. The second step is the body of your paper where you present your major arguments and explain them with the help of supporting evidence. The last paragraph in your paper is the conclusion where you will summarize everything you have discussed so far in your assignment as it will help restate your main idea of the paper and focus on it.

If this your first time writing a one page paper and you have no clue how to squeeze all the information you have in one page then you need to consider creating an outline for the major points and delete irrelevant ideas from your mind. If this does not help, you should look for a sample. A sample will help you how to write such an assignment in the best manner possible. It is however, important that you select a great sample that you could follow for your assignment. Look for expert written papers so that you can understand the format and structure required.

  1. The first place that you should consider is a library because it has all types of academic papers and samples for students
  2. Use the internet
  3. Ask a senior
  4. Get help from a friend

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