Why Animal Skinning Is Bad?

Each year, just over fifty million animals are skinned alive in order to sustain the widespread money-making venture for fur, and its popularity amongst those people most concerned about the fashionable aspect of wearing “animal skin” and for others, a primary mode of warmth just as much as style. What a majority of the population aren’t aware of is that they are unknowingly advertising a trend that has manifested not just our taste for fashion and style, but has also shown another side that exposes our greed, hunger, and thirst as a society for more of what we want without thinking about the price that is being paid on another’s behalf. The fur industry has become a profit making business which whilst thinking of us and our needs, has put aside the pain and misery felt by the objects of our greed, namely- the animals possessing fur and the removal of this oh so precious gem.

In the beginning of history, it was necessary for cavemen to skin animals to obtain their primary mode of warmth- fur. So they used the animal fat for eating protein to survive and they used the fur to keep warm. But now we’re in an age where we are not in want for more warmth than we need, which can be found in other things such as cotton, wool, heaters, and the sun. Animal skinning is horrendous not only because the fur comes from animals that are killed, but how often are animals killed for fur? How are they killed? How are they handled after? Are their bodies used or simply just disposed like any other wastage? In many instances animals are skinned ‘alive’ because the body warmth helps with the skinning process as opposed to when the animal is dead and cold. Skinning is therefore “bad” because a majority of animals are not killed humanely, even though the option to is readily available. Many animals live in tiny cages, are fed specific hormones to increase in size, are caught with traps in which some escape mutilated, and are left to waste away after the process even though they may still survive the skinning.

Animal Skinning is bad because numerous animals are tortured in the process and for skinning to become something ‘good’ and justifiable, it needs to be done humanely and handled with sensitivity and care.

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