How To Write A Persuasive Essay Introduction: Tips And Examples

When you are writing a persuasive essay you’re trying to convince somebody to agree with your position. This does take a little bit of finesse because the reader may be diametrically opposed to your stand. It is an opinion piece and you can win the person over from the beginning if you write a good introduction. There are some ways that you can do that.

  1. Think Before You Write. You be delivering a solid pitch and you should have the words to present it. Think about your position and how you can best get somebody to understand how important it is. If you have to write a few drafts of the introduction then do it.

  2. Grab Them from the Start. The idea is to have a hook that rivets the attention of the reader something like “92 million Americans are currently out of work with no chance of a job.” or “alcohol, not marijuana, is what promotes domestic violence.” The reader is encouraged then to continue reading the content of your persuasive essay.

  3. Choose Your Words Carefully. Always remember that the introduction is what convinces a person to continue reading your content. Sentences such as “America is facing a generational problem that must be corrected.” are the kind of words that make a person want to keep reading to find out your position or your answer.

  4. Keep It Concise. This might not be easy. You may be trying to explain your position and get carried away with the words. What you have to concentrate on doing is grabbing a person’s attention. This can be done in a few very simple sentences. Try not to be over wordy because all that will do is bore the reader.

The body of the essay is going to elaborate more on the reasons why you feel the way that you do. The conclusion obviously will be the solution or answer to the problem you are suggesting. The introduction is what is going to keep the reader moving forward in the content. If you must, hold off writing the Introduction until you are finished with the rest of the essay. You can then go back and write an introductory paragraph that catches attention quickly. While it is a given that the reader may still disagree with you at the end of the essay. If you have done a good job writing the piece that individual will at least respect what you are saying. A good Introduction helps gain that recognition.

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