Little-Known Ways To Write A Strong Comparative Essay

A comparative essay is an essay in which you try to bring the difference between two topics. This essay type is basically based on bringing out facts about the topic at hand. Though the work is completely factual, you can still make the narration an interesting thing to read. In order to write a strong narrative essay, there are some known ways in which you can go about it. These include the following:

Topic choice

Before you begin to write the essay, you need to be very sure of your ability to exploit your topic. You need to choose a topic that you are very familiar with and that you can narrate with ease. This will help you come up with a strong argument and have a good impact on the reader. Secondly, you need to choose a topic that is manageable. You might choose a topic that has nothing much to talk about and you end up stretching up your words to make the lines. Therefore, pick a topic with exploreable angles.


Before you begin to write your work, you need to carefully write down your topics and come up with a structure on how you are going to deliver them in the narration. You have to begin with the strongest point first to keep the reader interested. You should carefully balance your points so that you don’t end with stale, boring points at the end.

You also need to choose how you will set the difference apart. You need to bring out clearly the difference. It is not advisable to state the characteristic of one side and say the other ‘does not have that same characteristic’. Clearly show how the same aspects of the matter are different.

Introduction and conclusion impact

Another way to write a strong comparative essay is to make sure that your introduction and conclusion are perfect and captivating. In the introduction, you need to straight away grab the attention of the reader and give him/her a reason to go on reading your work; give an attractive hint about what you will write. The conclusion is also equally important as the introduction. In it you need to carefully affirm the difference between the topics and make sure that the reader sees the story the way you want him/her to. You need to make it feel like it’s more than just stating facts.

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