A Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Write An Essay

Essay writing is easy if you know how to organize this process effectively. Here are some tips that will guide you through all the stages of creating an excellent paper.

  • Select the topic.
  • Firstly, you should decide what you’re going to write about. The right choice of the topic is a key to a successful essay. Choose something you’re passionate about and pretty competent in. If you were assigned a particular topic, then think how you can narrow it down to a few main aspects you’ll discuss.

  • Brainstorm your ideas.
  • Write down your topic or working title and give it some thought. Jot down all the ideas that immediately appear in your mind. List them without paying attention to grammar and spelling as yet. Then look through the list and underline the most appropriate and meaningful ideas you’d like to develop in your paper.

  • Research your topic.
  • Read extensively to gather relevant information and facts to support your main points or find some new ideas. The sources of information are numerous ranging from the library to online resources. Ask your teacher which ones he or she prefers. When you read, take notes and keep a record of the sources you use.

  • Write a thesis statement.
  • When you’ve researched your subject you should come up with the main sentence of your essay – a thesis statement. It’s a summary of your main ideas that you’re going to discuss and support in the body. It should indicate your position on the topic and contain controversies that you’ll make clear later.

  • Write an outline.
  • Prior to writing your paper, you need to create a plan. It will help organize your ideas as well as the researched material and serve as a roadmap for your essay. First of all, think what you’ll write in the introduction. Its three essential elements are a hook (attention grabber), some background information, and a thesis statement. Then, decide on three main ideas you’ll discuss in the body paragraphs and the supporting details for them. After that, think how to end your paper.

  • Write a draft.
  • When you’re ready with an outline, start writing your first draft. Write an interesting introduction; expand your ideas and provide evidence for your arguments in the body paragraphs, and write a memorable conclusion briefly summarizing everything that has been discussed. Many professional writers advise writing the introduction last of all.

  • Revise.
  • Dedicate enough time for rereading, polishing, and proofreading your paper. Make sure it’s coherent and error-free.

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