List Of Top 15 Discursive Essay Topics About Everything

A discursive essay calls for an opinion but in a very sophisticated way. This is not a social media diatribe, and excessive use of emotion is not going to get you as the writer anywhere. This type of composition requires research into the topic and then providing an informed analysis. Much will depend on the thesis you elect to comment on. It is possible you have some difficulty in finding a good subject to discuss. The following are discursive topics for you to think about.

  1. Should contact sports be banned to lower aggression levels?
  2. Which is more important, personal improvement or changes in society?
  3. Are vaccinations important for children under the age of six years?
  4. Is society truly improving or are we regressing?
  5. Should elderly parents have a right to live with their children?
  6. Does football need rule changes to be more entertaining?
  7. Does society benefit from not allowing gasoline driven cars?
  8. Would a matriarchal society improve relationships?
  9. Is content or are graphics more important in Internet ad design?
  10. Do nuclear families provide better childcare than government agencies?
  11. Are leather goods a form of senseless violence against animals?
  12. Are vegetarians or meat eaters healthier in the long run?
  13. Is it ethically right to sterilize cats?
  14. Is it proper to punish really by imprisonment for sterilization?
  15. Two family members be asked to crimes?

Regardless of what topic you decide for your essay, you have to remember that its validity is going to depend a lot on the research you perform. You have to back up what you are saying with legitimate facts and figures. Objectivity is going to be an important tone to use. Too many people believe it is acceptable to vent their anger. That is not going to get you a high grade with this type of composition.

As you begin the assignment, you may want to think about drafting an outline to follow first. It can help determine what arguments are placed first and what the conclusions are going to be. Analysis is going to be very or in getting the high marks you are looking to receive. This kind of an essay is a challenge of maturity for you as the writer. Emotions matter in some circumstances but not here. You can develop an extremely good subject and discuss it with a high level of intellect and sophistication. Be certain you do all of your homework ahead of time.

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