5 Places To Look For A Good Explanatory Essay Sample For Middle School

Having an essay sample at hand can be very beneficial for middle school students. They learn different types of writing each of which has its specific features in terms of structure and content. You can read a lot of general information on explanatory writing, but it’s always more effective to have a look at a completed paper. This way you’ll combine your theoretical background with a real example and get the idea of how your paper should look like. Here are some suggestions where you can find good essay samples.

    Your teacher’s website.

    Many contemporary teachers create their personal blogs or websites. It’s a great way to provide their students with reference material and additional information that wasn’t mentioned in class. When you get a writing task, ask your teacher to share some excellent works written by his or her former students. Check your teacher’s website – there already can be a collection of students’ best works that will serve you as an example.

    Writing services.

    One of the features that distinguish a reputable writing company is the availability of free samples of the works they once wrote for their customers. To narrow down your search, look for those companies that specialize in writing essays, not all kinds of academic papers. Then, browse the site and find a section with the examples of explanatory writing.

    Writing labs.

    Writing labs are online counterparts of writing centers. Their aim is to help students with different types of academic writing. They provide different manuals, reference material, and links to some useful resources as well as give general advice about the structure and content. Alongside with the basic principles of a particular type of writing, there are always the paper samples that give you an idea of how to employ those principles in your work.

    Educational websites.

    There’re a lot of websites aimed at improving your writing skills. They publish various articles about different kinds of essays. Those articles usually contain step-by-step instructions on how to create an appropriate paper and contain the links to some templates and examples. Read the material concerning explanatory writing and go to see a completed paper.

    Books and manuals.

    Use the book recommended by your teacher or go to the library to find other reference material on academic writing. Some schools provide their students with manuals on different types of writing. Usually, they contain the examples only of the separate parts of a paper (thesis statement, elements of introduction and conclusion).

Writing services

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