Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay For Third Grade Students

If you are a student who is in third grade, then most of the academic papers that you write will not necessarily need to be overly complex. Of course, as you get older, and you start studying at higher levels, then the essays that you write will generally involve a great deal more research and potentially several other sections. However, whilst in third grade, you may often be required to write a paper based on a five paragraph style.

Generally, younger students will write academic papers using a five paragraph style as it is relatively easy to understand. Furthermore, as you get older, whilst you may need to write more substantial essays, they will generally follow a similar format to a five paragraph essay. Of course, you will almost certainly have to write more paragraphs; however, the work that you do will generally follow the same structure, in that it will have an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion.

Based on the principles of a five paragraph paper, the following explains further about how to write a compare and contrast essay - which is a particular style of academic writing that students of all ages will often be required to use when writing an academic paper.

Creating a title

The first thing that you will need to do is think the title for your piece of work. In order to think of good title, you need to think of two different topics that you wish to discuss. Essentially, a compare and contrast paper will look at two different topics in detail, so as to outline any similarities, as well as any differences between the two topics.

Researching the topics

Having chosen two topics to write about, you will then need to carry out some research to find out more about them. When doing the research, you should note down any particular similarities that you notice between the two topics, as well as any differences.

Creating the introduction, the body section, and the conclusion

Once you have done some research, you can start writing the work. Initially, you will start off with an introduction, which will inform the reader about the two topics that you will be discussing. The next section is the body section, and you will elaborate further on the topics that you are discussing, referring to any similarities or differences that exist. Finally, you need to write a conclusion. When writing a compare and contrast paper, the conclusion will generally decide on balance whether the two topics are more similar or different from each other, based on any points that you have brought up in the body section and introduction.

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